Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Michael Bloomberg definitely ought to apologize for his suggestion that the bomber was "someone who didn't like the healthcare bill or somethin'". He'd probably counter that it was a throwaway comment, but, then, throwaway comments sometimes tell us quite a bit about people's character sometimes. One need only re-contextualize the comment to see this truth manifest. What if, for instance, he had seen someone lying dead from a gang-related murder and had said, if he had to guess at who did it, he would bet "fifty cents" that it was an African American male (albeit, one acting alone)? This would rightly offend every civil rights leader from China to Peru, and they would be rightly offended also. It is depressing that Bloomberg's cosmopolitan supporters will probably not only give him a clean bill-of-health, but will probably claim that his idiotic comment was insightful.

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